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Change can be Good!

What do you do when you outgrow your favorite conference room? Improve it so it can still be your favorite!

Don’t Forget to Fall Back!

Daylight saving time already ends this Sunday, November 7th - ASI has prepared everything that you need to know!

3D Printing

Alternative Solutions Inc. explores the fun world of 3D printing, and the possibilities that come along with it!

Fight the Phish!

Learn how to spot and report phishing attempts to prevent ransomware and other malware attacks with Alternative Solutions!

The Entire World is Hiring

The IT industry is no stranger to hiring issues.

SEO Fun Facts

Search Engine Optimization can be fun? Who knew?! ASI of course. Read more to learn how you can maximize the number of visitors to your site!

Warm Welcome to Keith

Keith gives us a peek at who he is, and why he is such a great fit here at ASI!

Employee Spotlight: Jim

From dairy farmer to data manipulator, Jim celebrates his 22nd anniversary with ASI!

Employee Spotlight: Sue

Happy anniversary, Sue! Thank you for helping make ASI the workplace we want to call home.

As Society winds its way through a system conversion, we help maintain and support their legacy system with an excellent integrated partnership!

Employee Spotlight: Josh

Today we are celebrating Josh, one of the most up-beat, friendly & positive personalities in the office who will always lend a helping hand to friends & teammates.

Nick is celebrating his first year of being one of ASI's most creative programmers. You'll see why we don't even bat an eye if we see a dino-head walk by.