Software Development

ASI has been providing software development services to carriers for over 20+ years in a variety of languages and platforms.

  • Do you need a development team that works with today’s ever-changing development landscape and languages (like Java, C#, .Net)?
  • Do you need a development team that has experience with older development languages (like COBOL or RPG)?

ASI’s developers have extensive knowledge of various programming languages and development tools, and they also have years of property and casualty insurance application experience. ASI provides the “right” developers.

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In addition to web-based application experience, we are also experienced with mobile applications and yes…legacy systems as well.

Working with developers who simply don’t have the correct level of experience that your project requires can be incredibly expensive. Many developers know how to “code,” but lack the business application knowledge and experience to ask the right questions, help prioritize your needs and ensure your needs and ideas are compatible with your budget and schedule constraints. ASI developers hit the ground running and have an excellent track record completing projects on time and within budget.