Custom Services and solutions

Software Development

Working with developers who do not know your business can be incredibly expensive. We have the business application knowledge and experience to ask the right questions, help prioritize your needs, and ensure your requests and ideas are compatible with your budget and schedule constraints. ASI developers hit the ground running and have an excellent track record completing projects on time and within budget.

Our Specialties

VB.NET • C# • Java • COBOL • SQL Server • Oracle

Custom Applications

Your business is unique, so do not settle for the same off-the-shelf software that all your competitors use! We partner with you to learn your business processes and create innovative solutions that help you maintain your competitive advantage.

Staff Augmentation

Are you short on resources? Is your existing staff retiring faster than your legacy systems? Are your offshore resources dragging projects out longer than you would like? Our 100% US-based development team will work side-by-side with your staff to help fill function, skill, and capacity gaps on your team.

System Enhancements

Have you identified inefficiencies within your system? Are there elements or tools that could be added to improve user experience? We can add extra features and functionality to your existing applications to make them more efficient and user friendly.

Legacy Integrations

Rome was not built in a day, and neither were your existing systems! Business systems often have evolved over decades and still run critical applications on a daily basis, so replacing an entire system at once is rarely a feasible solution. Instead, we can help integrate newer technologies with your existing applications to help make retiring the legacy system a much less daunting task.