Alternative Solutions, Inc.


Software Development


Elevate Your Software Experience with ASI

Why compromise with developers who may not fully understand the nuances of your business? Partner with ASI, and together, we’ll create the alternative solution you’ve been hoping for. 

Custom Applications

Your unique business deserves software as distinctive as you are. No more off-the-shelf solutions – we delve into your processes, creating innovative solutions that keep you ahead of the competition.

Staff Augmentation

Low on resources? Facing retirements? Our 100% Wisconsin-based team seamlessly integrates with yours, filling gaps and accelerating projects without delays.

System Enhancements

Spot inefficiencies? Improve user experience by enhancing your existing applications with added features and functionality for a smoother, more user-friendly experience.

Legacy Integrations

Instead of replacing everything in your system, let us seamlessly integrate newer technologies, ensuring a smooth transition without sacrificing critical applications. 

Planning & Consulting

Our wealth of experience comes from navigating the diverse landscape of various clients; maneuvering through a spectrum of systems, coding languages, and everything from cutting-edge software to resilient homegrown code. We’ll know what will work for YOU. 


Let’s not just work together;
let’s grow together.