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Is Print Design “Dying”? Spoiler Alert… it’s Not!

The world as we know it has been taken over by tablets and smartphones!  To some, this has left them questioning, “Is print design a thing of the past?”.  ASI is here to tell you it’s NOT!

1.) Billboards and signage are still very much in demand and will not go away anytime soon, although the nature of billboards has changed.  The process now also includes digital components such as LED billboards.

2.) Print is still an essential part of a small business.  The ability to present someone with a business card or flyer has a value that cannot be duplicated with just a website.  Today’s marketing is all about creating great user experiences for customers, and print is definitely still apart of that experience.  

3.) 70% of all people are more likely to remember a brand that they see in print vs. online advertising (according to

4.) Today’s print industry goes beyond the traditional print and incorporates custom branded apparel and promotional materials such as: pens, calendars, mobile power banks, mugs, and much more!  These are all promotional materials that are still useful, functional, and highly influential.  

5.) Print media is still an amazing choice for showing off your designs.  You cannot place a website on your coffee table/front desk/etc.  For industries that want to stand out, or base their success on networking, print is still the best form of media.

Besides creating modern and custom WordPress sites, ASI also specializes in print and logo design!  Are you in need of new business cards, a logo that better represents your brand, or maybe a pamphlet that beautifully displays your services?  Contact ASI today to see how WE can help YOU!