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Why Won’t Legacy Systems Stay In The Past?

We’ve got three stories today that may surprise you...  See if you can find the common thread!

Story #1:  We recently hired a new (experienced) COBOL developer (this is a programming language – one of the first!).  And we had chuckles on both sides that companies are still hiring for COBOL skills.  In 2021!

Story #2:  Last year we found an easter egg in a client’s code that essentially read ‘Happy Y2K!  There’s no way this code will still exist in 20 years’But, it did, and, uh, we fixed the problem this developer didn’t think would still exist 20 years later.

Story #3:  When we took a survey for our continuing education programs, COBOL and C/C++ were among the most desired skills our employees wanted to learn and improve upon for their career development.

That’s right, many companies are still working with dated technology to run mission-critical parts of their business.  If your legacy support staff is retiring faster than your old systems are, we can help!

Send us a message and let’s discuss how ASI can pick up where your departing experts leave off.