Welcome To My Blog

Hey guys! By now you’ve heard of this super sweet deal I’ve got going. I mean, yeah, I had it rough the first half of my life. But I am adulting in style now!! If you haven’t heard Trever’s and my story, check it out here. I’ll wait. 

Cool, right?? Well. Now that I’m spending a lot of time hanging out at ASI, I figured I should start to learn a little more than just when Amy restocks the treat jar in the kitchen. (Usually on Thursdays, in case you’re feeling peckish). So, I thought I’d start easy. Da humans work primarily with something called P&C Insurance companies, but … what is insurance? If you’ve moved out of your parents’ house, you should probably know what it is. And since I haven’t lived with my mom since about week 6, well, it’s probably time I learn how to protect my assets! (I think it’s probably too early to throw a corny ‘pawcets’ joke out there, right? Right? Yeah…) 

So. What is insurance? Well, thanks to Siri and Alexa I can now ‘google’ without opposable thumbs. She told me: 

Other than the cool looking picture of the knight (which I don’t quite know how that relates, maybe he has snacks too??) I’m not getting much out of that. So, here’s how it looks in dog years. Er, I mean terms.

I’m not a big chewer, but every now and then if my boy Trever is gone all day, I like to destroy a toy or two. There are a bunch of dogs in our apartment complex. Some chew things, and some don’t. Every month all the dog owners in our building throw $10 in a pot. And if I chew up a toy, Trever gets back enough to buy a new one. And if I don’t, that money goes to Sparkles’ owner who did chew up her new squeaky bone. But because Trever pays his $10 ‘premium’ regularly, he’s protected from the massive financial loss if I happen to chew either a $2 rawhide or a $200 table leg! Not that I would ever chew a table leg … Does that make sense?

Now that P&C part. That stands for, uh, Property & Casualty. Now the Property thing I kinda get. After all, a dog has to sleep somewhere; and if our apartment gets hit by lightning, or a tree falls into the window, or a fire ignites from Trever’s forgotten pizza in the oven, I know we’re good because I paid (well, reminded Trever to pay) the renter’s insurance premium (or property insurance when we’re in the big leagues of home ownership!) so we both always have a bed to sleep in.   

But Casualty is a little trickier. Casualty insurance includes vehicle, liability, and theft insurance. So. Vehicle – paying to protect the sweet ride I own, that Trever chauffeurs. Just in case we hit an icy patch and take out someone’s fence. Or theft if a bad guy breaks in and steals Trever’s sweet vinyl record collection. Well, we know this one’s covered by an awesome guard dog like me, right?!  But Liability? This is a big word. It turns out Trever can protect himself from financial loss if I accidentally bite or injure someone else. Don’t worry, I would never do that on purpose. 

Alright, considering dogs sleep 14-18 hours a day, this has been quite draining for me. But I’ll be back shortly, because we’ve only begun to unearth the tangled adult human world that insurance and information technology encompasses. So, until then, I’m gonna go find my bully stick. Thanks Trever…