So What Does ASI Do?

Hiiiiii guys!!! Its me again! Didja miss me? Didja miss me? Ill keep pestering you until you give me some belly scratches, so you may as wel– ahhhhhhh, thanks!!!! 

Uh. Sorry about that. I just get so excited to see people! I love people! But I’m calm now. And so focused. Because I realize I fell asleep last time before I could explain that even though I talked all about Insurance, ASI humans, uhdont actually DO Insurance. Like, theyre not the ones that would give me a new bone if it got destroyed. Its more magical than that. And by magical, I mean you cant see the things they do because its magic. Something called technology. 

What I can tell you first hand – er, paw, is that Trever stares at a screen and things happen. But he gets mad at the screen at ASI for code fixes not working, and I didnt know how that was different from getting mad at the big screen at home when all the good players are online now, darn it. I dont know why humans stare at screens all day. Especially the ones in their hands, that one makes them the angriest! But oh well. Thats how Trever found me, so I spose its a good thing! Anyway, bacto my point – Trever stares at this screen all day, sometimes frustrated, sometimes elated, and sometimes with other friends at work. And magic happens! 

Ive been keeping my floppy ears open the past few weeks and have started picking up on what this is all about. It turns out technology doesnt always work?? I know its a crazy thought but stick with me here. We work with the insurance companies I talked about last week and help thefix things when their technology doesnt work. So, when things break, or there are glitches, or they need a new feature, thats where we come in! 

I pretended to understand this, but Trever could see that I didnt. So, he explained. You know when you fill out a form online (like if you change your address), and then you get an email right away that says Hey, youve updated your address in our system, right?. We do that! We build the forms, not with tools, but with funny looking letters and numbers on the screen called code. And get this – those funny looking letters and numbers have multiple languages! I know! But thats a thought for another day.  

So, after we write or fix the code for the forms you fill out, we also do some more coding to make sure that an email that says the right stuff gets sent to the right person. Does anyone else hear James Bond theme music as Im talking about all of this? Just me? Uh-oh! Maybe Im thinking of Q…

James Bond themed image

We do a whole lot more, but Im a little overwhelmed right now, so I think it’s time to chase my tail and re-center my soul. So, Ill be back. BYEEEEEE!!!!