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AJ Construction of WI, LLC


AJ Construction of WI, LLC website before redesign


AJ Construction of WI, LLC website after redesign

AJ Construction of WI, LLC is a multi-disciplined underground utility contractor that has been serving Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula since 2008.

The owner, Augie Hoffmann, approached ASI looking for a website redesign because it was time to give the website a makeover and their logo was recently redesigned. Augie was looking for a website design that would help him stand out from competitors and incorporate the orange accent color from their new logo. Additionally, the new site needed to be responsive and mobile-friendly, and it needed to have an important extra feature—a portal for employees to login so they could access certain information and forms.

Built on the WordPress platform, the new website is responsive and mobile-friendly for all users. To help AJ Construction of WI stand out from competitors, a vertical menu layout was chosen.