Meet Rocky

Rocky's Story

Trever joined us as a software developer back in November. Being the adventurous guy that he is, a new city and a new job just didn’t seem like enough change in one weekend; he decided to adopt an 8-year-old lab from our local Sheboygan County Humane Society as well.

Rocky is one of the sweetest dogs around, however, he had gone through a lot of change in his life. He had been with a few different families that just hadn’t meshed with his energetic personality. And as a result, he had a bit of separation anxiety. The poor pup didn’t like Trever disappearing for hours at a time.  So, Trever changed that. He went home every lunch break to check on Rocky and make sure he knew he wasn’t being left behind. And when our President, Scott, heard about this, well, let’s just say ASI has now gone to the dogs.

Rocky has become a frequent visitor here in the office. He loves checking in with everyone in the office and soaks up all the love and attention he can get. Many of us have even taken to storing treats in our desk for him, as well as the other dogs that have followed through the door he’s opened.  We’ve even added a dog treat jar to our kitchen! He often spends his time snoozing in several different cubes, but of course not on any of the dog beds we’ve brought in.

It took him a little bit, but Rocky is finally enjoying the life he’s meant to have. Welcome to ASI Rocky!

How You Can Help

Our friends at the Humane Society of Sheboygan County cannot do the work they do for shelter pets like Rocky without you! Whether it be a monetary donation, donating items on their wish list, or volunteering your time – every bit counts! To learn how you can be a part of the solution, please visit their location or website.