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Featured Customer: Society Insurance

Featured Customer: Society Insurance

In our next customer spotlight, we’re celebrating one of our fastest-growing relationships; Society Insurance. While we’ve only been working with them since March of 2019, they have quickly grown from one or two ASI folks spending a few hours a week, to a dedicated staff of 6+ by the end of the year!

Helping companies stay current with changing technology is our mission at ASI. Converting legacy systems to new technology is often a critical need for insurance carriers, but it is a large, multi-year project. Since their daily business operations rely on their systems to be up and running 24/7, converting systems in one big lump is usually an unacceptable risk. Instead, applications are converted gradually over time. This approach, known as a phased conversion, ensures the system remains fully functional during the conversion process. 

Thus Society asked ASI to maintain and support their legacy system, freeing up their internal IT team to concentrate on the more labor-intensive conversion tasks. This system handles tens of thousands of policies and is used by over a thousand users, both internal and external, every day. So there cannot be any significant disruptions to their daily processing while construction is going on behind the plastic partition, so to speak.

One of the benefits of working with several different clients at ASI is that our employees are exposed to multiple systems, processes, programming languages, and various other technical skills. And our work with Society is no different. We got to learn an all-new (to us) system and quickly mastered the ins and outs of bug fixes, ticketing issues, and their individual Agile schedule. (For those of us not in the know, Agile is a project management system in the IT world. Essentially a project is broken up into several stages and involves constant collaboration with stakeholders and continuous improvement and iteration at all stages.)

So, we get to do some pretty cool stuff. But even more important than what we do, is who we do it with. Let me rephrase here — our number one goal is to learn our clients’ systems as well as their own staff, and we are helping them with issues before they know they need it. Because of this approach, we like to work with long term partners, not just quick fix clients. Society is just that kind of company.

From day one, Society has not only opened their IT world to us, but their doors as well! Until recently, when the world shut down, they have always welcomed ASI team members in their building anytime for collaborative sessions with other developers, end-users, or anyone else they wanted to work through issues with. They are exceedingly receptive and welcoming to everyone as our team grows to support their needs.  They always make our new team members feel like they are part of the Society team. Now you could say they have an unfair advantage over our other partners, being in the same state and all. But that’s just who Society is. 

Steve, one of our Senior IT Consultants who works closely with Society, summed up his positive relationship: “Working with Society Insurance has been a great experience. As a newcomer to the team, I found Society to be very friendly, open, and welcoming, which really helped boost productivity. The developers and architects I’ve worked with are professional and truly care about the quality and reliability of Society’s systems. Customer care comes forward as a top priority.”

Like us, they treat their clients as partners. They aim to understand how each individual business works, and what behavior behind the process makes them so successful. They also have a way cool history, originating in 1915 from many threshermen who couldn’t find an alternate location to purchase worker’s compensation insurance. Check out their 100th anniversary video below! In fact, they just celebrated their 105th anniversary this year!

And to this day, they still aim to be a niche business insurer, focusing on the small details that make the biggest difference.

Same, Society, Same.