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Featured Customer: City of Sheboygan Falls

We love Sheboygan Falls!  It is our hometown, after all.  And it has a fascinating historic heritage surrounded by beautiful Wisconsin scenery!  So, it only made sense for our next customer spotlight to feature a unique duo who also calls Sheboygan Falls their home!  Our relationship with these two businesses blossomed in 2016 when they called on us to create their new logos and redesign their websites.  These projects were done simultaneously, resulting in similar layouts to emphasize unity within the city.  

Introducing… The City of Sheboygan Falls/Utilities and the City of Sheboygan Falls Police Department!

City of Sheboygan Falls/Utilities

The City of Sheboygan Falls is located within Sheboygan County, WI, home to approximately 8,00 citizens with a diverse business and residential community.

City officials approached ASI looking for a website redesign because they wanted a site for the City/Utilities that would be easier to update and maintain.  They also wanted a new logo to go with their new website.

With the new website structure and look, we designed an engaging and easy-to-navigate website, which is now even easier for staff to update their content.  Using the teal and sage green color palette in combination with large, high-quality images of the city, we created an attractive layout that entices you to explore our city.  We placed quick links throughout the website to help visitors quickly find what they are looking for.  The new website is also completely responsive, so vistors will have an optimal experience on any device. 

Before & AFTER

The City of Sheboygan Falls/Utilities staff summarized their experience:

“The City of Sheboygan Falls/Utilities is very impressed with ASI’s outstanding service.  As we were updating our website, ASI was quick to respond to our needs and make our website clean, polished, and user-friendly.  With the help from ASI, we are able to update our website on our own and have complete understanding on how our website works. We would Highly recommend ASI for your website needs and we look forward to continuous support from ASI.”

City of Sheboygan Falls Police Department

The City of Sheboygan Falls Police Department cares about its local citizens and visitors, so it’s their mission to “preserve freedom and well-being, while maintaining safety, security, and peace of mind”

The new SFPD logo and website have a very official and professional style.  The new website features more information than the old site, such as their services, forms, resources, and professional portraits of their personnel.  It’s layout is very clean and organized, resulting in an effortless experience for visitors to find what they are looking for.  And, unlike the old site, the new site is responsive, so visitors will have an optimal experience regardless of what screen size they are using. 

Before & AFTER


Over the years, we’ve assisted both the City/Utilities and SFPD with various website edits, changes, and have resolved technical issues that have come up.  Both websites are enrolled in our Complete Maintenance Package, which includes everything a customer’s WordPress site needs to stay up-to-date, secure, and perform at its best for all visitors.  Our Complete Maintenance Package consists of managed hosting and domain services in addition to routine maintenance, allowing our customers to save money on their yearly website costs.

Thank you, City/Utilities and SFPD, for granting us with the opportunity to create your new logos and redesign your websites – and since then, entrusting us with updating and maintaining your website!  We value our relationship with you and look forward to what the future holds!


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