Alternative Solutions, Inc.

Employee Spotlight: Trever

Happy second anniversary here at ASI!  Trever is continually taking on new challenges at work, and never hesitates to help a friend out.  Plus, we can’t get enough of his pup, Rocky, the sweetest mascot ASI has ever had.

We got to know Trever just a little better this week.  Take a look!

1. One thing you can’t resist?  There isn’t enough pizza in the world.

2. What phobias do you have?  Spiders and needles get the nope from me!

3.  What do you like to do in your spare time?  Within the last couple years I have gotten into disc golfing.  Played in my first tourny this year and won my division.  I also enjoy hanging out with my dog and the occasional video game.

4.  What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?  Police or conservation officer.

5.  What do you like most about ASI?  My coworkers make going to work everyday better.

6.  Any random facts you could share with us?  I’m pretty dang good at tracking deer.

7.  What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?  Bridge jumping and sky diving.

8.  What is the best book you have ever read?  Lone Survivor

9.  Favorite job growing up?  I worked as a chef assistant for two summers.  It was challenging at times, but we were always having fun and eating good food.

10.  What is your favorite childhood memory?  Waking up opening morning of hunting season and heading over to my grandparents.  They would both be up cooking us ham, bacon, etc before heading out to the blinds.

11.  What chore do you absolutely hate doing?  Dishes by hand.

12.  Best vacation you’ve been on?  Sedona, AZ.  Lots of hiking and sites to see.  Whole different world down there compared to being in the North.

13.  Favorite TV show?  Big fan of Live PD before it was cancelled.  As far as reality TV now I enjoy watching Lone Star Law, North Woods Law, Gold Rush, and The Curse of Oak Island.  On the other side of the spectrum I enjoyed Game of Thrones, Dexter, The Office, and lately Curb Your Enthusiasm.

14.  How do you balance your career and family?  Family is huge for me so I’m constantly driving between Sheboygan for work and the U.P. of Michigan to see them.

15.  What is an ability you wish you had?  The ability to take pain away.

16.  What is your favorite sport? GO PACK GO

17.  Motto or personal mantra?  Listen more often than you speak.  You’re not learning anything by listening to yourself talk.

If you jump back to question #1, you’ll get the impression that Trever likes pizza.  Any ASI employee can vouch that this is a vast understatement.  Trever LOVES pizza.  We are pretty sure he would eat nothing but pizza for the rest of his life.  Good thing ASI has an oven in the kitchen!!

In all seriousness, thanks Trever, for all you do here at ASI.  We don’t know what we’d do without you!  Or Rocky 🙂