Alternative Solutions, Inc.

Change can be Good!

One of our favorite rooms here in the office has been what we affectionately refer to as the ‘Comfy Conference Room.’ And that’s saying something, considering we have a full kitchen and gym on-site! But there’s just something special about a conference room that has towering windows, plants aplenty, and a few couches to settle into. This room also held a special place for us as we used it once or twice a week to gather for our ‘huddles.’ During these huddles, we’d each get a chance to share our current workload, dive into some fun projects we were working on, and ask for assistance and guidance if we ran into road bumps. Essentially, we got to connect as a team in this room, regroup, and go back out and tackle our day.

However, we’d noticed that it was becoming increasingly difficult to fit everyone into this space. We filled all the couches and chairs, started standing along the walls, and eventually grew to have so many people that a good chunk of the office had to gather around the door just to peek their heads in! In the past few years we’d experienced success and expansion, so it was only natural that we outgrew our workspace capabilities. We knew then that it was time to move these weekly events to our larger conference room (which, to be fair, is still lovely! It just lacks the couches. And maybe the sunny mood boost from all the tall windows and plants.) Our post-2020 hybrid work policy changed this once again, and now our weekly connection takes place over Zoom. The good news is, we always fit!

And so our poor Comfy Conference Room sat empty for over a year. Once in a while, an employee would use it to take a conference call or meet with another employee, but it didn’t see much action. Well, except for a regular trip with a watering can. We knew it was time for a change, and this change was good!

It was one of our employees who brought up the increasing need for additional collaborative spaces. We often problem-solve IT issues and work through situations together. After all, we pride ourselves on being a learning company. And while this is a great strategy, our desktop PCs that excel in security don’t exactly encourage this side-by-side partnership. But what if two programmers could be working in tandem, side by side, instead of one person driving and the other assisting?

It was time to re-invest in our company!

 Now, we all know that the comfort of your office space has direct effects on morale and productivity. No one wants to feel cramped or constricted when you’re trying to do your best at work. And truly, we luck out at ASI. We’ve got everything you could ask for – huge cubicles, great space and lighting, the PLANTS, a beautiful building, you name it. (And we can’t wait for Amy to set up the gorgeous Christmas tree every year to encourage that festive spirit!!) And so we had to take comfort, style, and convenience into consideration during this redesign. What would our programmers need for years to come?

I think we nailed it! We can now have two programmers working simultaneously, side by side! And our taller stools and table allow for both sitting and standing, depending on your preference. We still have a little filling out to do, but man is it fun to use. Now for a new room name….

And a hidden bonus? By moving the couches out into our main room, we now had space to get a putting green! Anyone up for a challenge?