Becoming a Learn-It-All

Hey guys!  Phew has it been a crazy busy summer.  There have been so many bunnies to chase, hamburgers to steal – I mean eat – and lakes to jump into.  It’s been so great!!

The downside is I haven’t been in the office much lately.  And I miss my ASI family!  I sometimes think longingly about them as I gaze out my window.  I was trying to pinpoint what makes them so special the other day, and I think I have an idea.  At least partly.  I WANT to spend time with all of these people, not NEED to spend time with them.  I mean don’t get me wrong, they’re all just cool people in general.  But what I like most about being in the office is I’m not just with Trevor.  I’m with Trevor when he’s problem solving over at Nick’s desk.  Or when Josh comes by us to work something out.  Or we go over to Sue’s desk to ask for her opinion.  I guess what I’m getting at, is we’re definitely a learning office.  Not only with me, but everyone!  We’re all lifelong learners!

Learn It All for Rocky's Blog

There’s this guy named Staya Nadella, who is the CEO of Microsoft – which thanks to our time at ASI, I’ve heard of now!  Anyway.  He’s got this theory that everyone needs to stop being a Know-It-All, because NO ONE knows everything.  You hear that cats?  YOU DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING!  And we all need to be Learn-It-Alls.  Because, you know, we all need to learn more, all the time. 

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re all really good at what we do.  We could probably be know-it-alls if we wanted to.  But then we wouldn’t get better!  We’re constantly developing and growing.  Yeah you got it, LEARN-it-alls. 😊  We have an insatiable appetite for learning!!

Rocky in Office

But don’t be sad, you can be a Learn-It-All with us!  It’s super fun, trust me.  And not just about work stuff, but about everything!  Even if you think you’re good at something, keep trying.  I know that I’ll keep trying to open doors without opposable thumbs… one of these day’s I’ll get there!  Keep trying guys!