Meet Our Team

At ASI, we’re small enough to truly stand by our values, and that starts with hiring the right people—people who enjoy working here and love what they do.

Scott Kissinger

“Entrepreneur Magazine says “True passion and commitment will breed a successful business”, and I couldn’t agree more. I may have started ASI in 1995, but it is our employees who have made the company what it is today. Be positive … Be relentless … Put others first … Surround yourself with good people, and you will succeed.”

Jim Krueger
Manager – Operations

“My role as a manager at ASI has been shaped by more than 30 years of experience and the many people I have met along the way. I’m proud to be part of the ASI team as we work closely with our customers as an extension of their team.”

Sue Head
Manager – Customer Engagement

“I am starting my 18th year at ASI, and I think that alone says something about what a great place this is to work. ASI has allowed me a good family / work life balance by providing a flexible work schedule and many interesting and challenging projects.”

Andrew Kissinger
Manager – Business Development

“I have had the opportunity to work on many different projects for a variety of customers since I joined the ASI team in 2010. Each customer has unique IT needs, and I enjoy the challenges that every project brings.”

Ashley Blakely
Marketing & Communications Manager

“Having worked in big corporations, moving to a smaller company has been a breath of fresh air. The flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit have helped push me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to identify and grow my strengths and talents. It’s the culture that makes a difference – from our employees to our customers, the positivity is contagious!”

Noelle Timler
Website Specialist & Graphic Designer

“Throughout my whole life I was always recognized as a creative person from friends and family.  I was never sure how to turn that aspect of my life into a career I’d enjoy, until I found the world of Graphic and Web Design.  ASI has given me the ability to take my passion to be creative and turn that into a lifelong career.”

Lori Smith
Business Analyst

“It’s important to me to work in an environment where Clients and Management place their trust in me to provide detailed, error-free results. There is a mutual respect between our Clients and ASI as a team, and it makes me proud to play a significant role in it.”

Nancy Nack
Business Analyst

“I love working for ASI because we have so many unique individuals. Each with their own personalities. Great team and great people to work with. Wouldn’t trade my job for anywhere else.”

Amy Braughton
Quality Assurance Lead
David Oostdyk
Senior IT Consultant

“I like working at smaller size companies, and ASI is a perfect size for me. I get a lot of exposure to different platforms as well as different programming languages. Nothing stays the same very long, so being a developer there is never a dull moment, which I prefer!”

Russell Guenther
Senior IT Consultant

“I enjoy the diversity of challenges in my work at ASI. Interacting with different clients on a wide range of projects has allowed me to gain experience on a variety of topics and pick up a number of new skills along the way. I like an environment that gives me reasons to keep learning new things, and that’s definitely the case here at ASI.”

Sharon Koller
Senior IT Consultant

“ASI – A company you’ll want to work for a long time. I have – going on 18 years. Great working environment and good people.”

Dave Head
Senior IT Consultant

“Having close to 30 years of IT experience and over 10 years of P&C Insurance experience, ASI was a good fit. Having worked here previously as a Contract Developer, I got to know all of the people within the company. So, when I was offered a position to join their staff I took it. It’s been a win-win situation.”

Steve Riebe
Senior IT Consultant

“After 20 years in corporate IT, it is refreshing to feel like I have a voice and can make a difference. ASI has been a great place to revive my career—wonderful environment; incredible people; interesting work that has challenged my skills.”

Keith Yonan
Senior IT Consultant

“With over 30+ years of being an IT professional, I’ve been able to experience and learn a little bit of every new piece of technology that has been developed and thrown in front of me. The best part about being at ASI has been the people and the culture they foster here. I have found a great place to be and am looking forward to contributing for years to come!”

Brandon Sinjakovic
Software Developer II

“ASI has proven to be a great company for me to start my career in software development. I am presented with challenging opportunities and a team who is always willing to guide and support me.”

Jesse Fischer
Software Developer II

“After spending several years in the law enforcement and security field, I decided to pursue my lifelong interest in software development. The welcoming and supportive team at ASI has proven that this is a great place to nurture a budding career.”

Nick Williams
Software Developer I

“It was important for me to be a part of a team, and being able to collaborate daily with my coworkers makes me appreciate working here. To me, there is nothing more satisfying than creating something useful and ASI makes this possible with the tools and knowledge offered.”

Michael Schmeiser
Software Developer I

“I enjoy being a part of the positive work culture at ASI. Each day brings unique projects and new learning opportunities.”

Josh Leach
Software Developer I

“I’ve always enjoyed being able to make something out of nothing like you can do with code. Working with my teammates, I’ve been learning about insurance and different development styles while developing new programming skills. It’s been a great jump-start to my career!”

Trever Schaut
Software Developer I

“What started out as playing video games as a kid grew into a passion for technology and software programs. I like how I can apply my knowledge and skills to various projects and daily tasks. Plus, ASI is a great company to be a part of – from the contagious, positive energy to that small, family-owned feeling.”

Nathan Roehl
Software Developer I

“After working several years at a local architecture firm, I decided to pursue a different career path that better aligned with my skills.  ASI is showing to be a great place to start a new career and grow as a software developer.”

Lirie Bajrami
Software Developer I

“I have always enjoyed problem solving, so I thought software development would be a perfect career path for me. I am happy to have found a place like ASI to start this journey. Apart from the fun and challenging projects we get to work on, ASI has a great team of amazing people who are always willing to help.”

Shane Flynn
Software Developer I
CFO – Chief Fetch Officer

“LOVE this place! SO MANY TREATS!!! Definitely 10 out of 10. I’m in charge of keeping stress levels low and collaboration high!”


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