Alternative Solutions, Inc.

ASI Is Here For You

In many ways, our industry has been a bit ahead of the curve in responding to the COVID-19 situation. Tech giants, such as Google and Facebook, were among the first to adapt working from home policies, whether this is due to their urban office locations or the ease of which this industry can operate remotely, or perhaps a mix of both. Many of the last workers still around are arriving to empty parking lots, dark cubicles, and offices where they could play a rousing game of catch in or nine-pin bowling. Virtual ghost towns.

At ASI, we’ve been dealing with this situation for the past 25 years. Well, not necessarily the arriving in an empty parking lot per se. In fact, our parking lot has always been welcoming and the coffee—fresh. We were founded to fill skill and capacity gaps within technology departments, meaning we work remotely to assist IT departments with anything they might need. Sometimes we act as an extra person or two to help fix a system, or we track down a bug that’s causing issues. Other times we devote an entire team to transition software or databases. So whether we act as the whole IT department or just a partner, we’ve been there.

We’re in our element when we’re working remotely. So, if your IT department is hurting, if you’re struggling to keep your infrastructure together while your workforce is at home, or if you would like assistance with your website to keep your visitors informed with crucial information, we’re here for you. Give us a call at 920-467-1200 or send us an email. We’d love to help!